A online course to help Christian singers and worship leaders expand their vocal range and nail every note every time...without getting stuck in their head.

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Take Your Singing to The Next Level

Video lessons show you how to level-up clearly and quickly. Audio warmups will train your vocal cord muscles to sing higher, stronger, and easier. Interactive coaching calls give you face-to-face time with a vocal coach.

Level Up With Video Lessons

Our program-exclusive assessment reveals your exact voice type. The video lessons are customized for you, and take you through 7 strategic phases that expand your vocal range, add power and stamina, improve pitch and tone, develop your vocal style, apply to real songs, and heal or protect from voice damage.

Powerful Audio Warmups

Access on your phone anytime, listen and repeat, and track your progress via the app. These gender-specific audio warmups are simple, step-by-step routines that you can do while washing the dishes or on your way to church on Sunday morning.

Interactive Coaching Calls

Group Q&A calls will help you get un-stuck in real-time with a vocal coach, and allow you to join candid conversations with other singers.Confidence Calls feature 30 minutes of personalized time with a coach where you get advice that leads to your next singing breakthrough. The private FB group gives you access to the coaching team for questions and homework review, and a community of Christian singers also leveling-up their skills.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Leading worship comes with unique challenges. Singing Made Simple will help you sing better, yes. But it will also help you break through spiritual obstacles that the enemy uses to distract you and hold you back.

Tara T.

"I didn’t realize how much the program would offer, not just singing, that’s just a fraction... omg so gooood! Who knew that a few exercises would help so much!! I’ll be on cloud 9 for a while if you need me.”

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